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CSA bans Quebec federation over turban ban

Religious sentiments have their own values in soccer and that is why whenever someone tries to implement its own autocracy over a particular religion, national governing body takes immediate action. We have seen how clubs are banned for making defaming statements that hurt someone individually or collectivity. In present case, Quebec federation issued a ban on Sikh players, who always wear turbans, citing that they can only play soccer if they off their turbans while playing. The federation even provided a reason for such a ban that it is for their own safety coz turban can cause them more injuries. Moreover, talking about the world’s governing body’s regulations, it added that there is no specific rule that allows players to wear a turban while playing. Initially, it looked like a temporary decision but when federation did not show any interest in lifting the ban, Canadian Soccer Association has to intervene on the issue by saying that they will not allow any religious discrimination on the basis of what a player wears on the pitch.

Taking the stringent action, Canadian soccer governing body has now banned Quebec Soccer Federation for their reckless mandate. Canada is the only nation where a maximum number of Sikh community players resides after India; hence it is very much obvious that most of the kids belong to this community there and prohibiting these young talents to play real soccer just because they belong to a particular region is nowhere fair. Moreover, Sikhs are not allowed to off their turbans; hence it was like a ban on all Sikh players to play soccer in Canada therefore CSA has to intervene on the issue.

National association observed the situation for whole one week to see how Quebec federation proceeds with its orders and when they left no hope to take back the orders; governing body has to issue a ban on the federation. As far FIFA guidelines are concerned, there are no explicit instructions that could tell whether Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans or not; hence this community is generally allowed to play with turbans all around the world. Brigitte Frot, director general of the provincial association, said while issuing the ban that “They can play in their backyard, but not with official referees, not in the official rules of soccer. They have no choice.” She even said to knock FIFA’s door if anyone has an objection. Let’s see how FIFA changes its rules like it did to favor Muslim hijab.

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